Dear Bow Tie Enthusiast!

Well okay, maybe that was a bit over-zealous. All I can say with any confidence is that you’re a human being that just stumbled on to a bow tie website. So maybe you don’t like bow ties: you should check out my electronics blog. Don’t like that? Well then go on some other website. I don’t care which one.

If you are a bow tie enthusiast, come on in! Well not really: don’t climb in your computer.

On this blog I have uploaded a bunch of bow ties. I love them all, but I am willing to make more and part with them. If you are interested in any of the designs I have up please contact me and we can negotiate a price. All bow ties are under $20.

Want matching bow ties? A whole lot of ’em? I’ll do that too!

Give your band a uniform look!

Give guests at your wedding something so they don’t all look like slobs! Why are your friends such slobs?

Get your frat some matching bow ties to impress the ladies (and get a really sweet group pic)

Got any ideas? Just contact me. I try to answer all of my emails within 48 hours.





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