Midnight Magic

  While I love the patter on this bow tie, I struggled to name it. It came down to “Midnight Magic” or “Weird Cloverleaf with Squares in the Middle.” It’s catchy and quirky and its grey and black tones will go well with most solid color shirts.  To learn more about this bow tie and…

Black Polka Dot

Simple, casual, and goes with just about everything, this tie is a must have for any bow tie wearer. The fabric was picked out by a local musician in order to wear at his concerts. It works because it is quirky, but not overbearing.   Fill out this form below to learn more about this…


  Ever wanted a bow tie that could easily be mistaken for a Vera Bradley purse? The future is here! Make your neck a purse look-a-like today! Want to look fabulous? Use the form below to learn more about this design!  

Pink Polka Dot

  Need to prove your manliness? Nothing says “I’m very comfortable with my sexuality” like a pink polka dot bow-tie. Like what you see? Use the form below to contact me for more information on this design.


  USA! USA! USA! USA! Need I say more? Want to honor the greatest country on Earth? Fill out the form below to get more information on this design.  

Music Staff

  Do you love music? Are you a composer? Maybe you’re just off to a concert. Whatever it may be, this bow tie is just right for the occasion.  Interested in this design? Contact me using the form below to learn more!